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Proper Ductwork Design Has a Lifelong Impact on Your Pasadena Home

Proper Ductwork Design Has a Lifelong Impact on Your Pasadena Home

Proper Ductwork Design Has a Lifelong Impact on Your Pasadena HomeFailing to address proper ductwork design during the planning phase when building a new home could result in poor comfort, high energy bills and more over the life of the home. Even though the networked series of pipes are hidden away, the ducts play an integral role in the delivery of conditioned air. Learn what it takes to properly design ducts, and why your contractor should employ the Manual D method of ductwork design.

Poor installation and design practices can seriously compromise the performance of ducts, by as much as 75 percent according to some estimates. Whether the result of insufficient insulation, leaks or poor design, ducts that allow energy loss result in uncomfortable rooms, longer-running HVAC cycles and high energy bills. By following Manual D, the leading ductwork design methodology developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), you can ensure that your new duct system meets industry specifications for comfort and efficiency. The methodology includes tasks like:

  • Locating as much of the ductwork as possible in areas of the home that have access to conditioned air
  • Employing two separate duct systems—and two HVAC systems—if the home is very large, or if it’s a two-story home
  • Properly locating duct-supply outlets, installing them as much as possible along interior walls of the home to achieve short duct runs that shoot off from the HVAC system
  • Avoid installing supply outlets in the vicinity of exhaust fans, which will quickly suck conditioned air into the vents before being distributed in the room
  • Designing the right type of duct-return system in the home, and ideally using a multiple-return design so that every room has a return-air duct
  • Insulating ducts that are positioned outside of conditioned areas to limit conduction losses
  • Mechanically fastening the joints of duct pipes, and sealing them with fiberglass mesh and mastic sealant to promote a tight system
  • Measuring airflow rates through the ducts to ensure that duct leakage rates are lower than 5 percent of the system’s total airflow.

Are you taking ductwork design seriously? It has a lifelong impact on your Pasadena home, so contact Air-Tro today to schedule a free home consultation.

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