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Heat Pump Maintenance Leads to Optimal Efficiency for Your Pasadena Home

Heat Pump Maintenance Leads to Optimal Efficiency for Your Pasadena Home

Heat Pump Maintenance Leads to Optimal Efficiency for Your Pasadena HomeLooking for an investment in your home that’s guaranteed to get a big return? Then schedule a heat pump maintenance appointment this spring. It’s arguably the most important maintenance task you can do, as it requires a nominal cost and nets a return of higher operating efficiency, energy savings, reliability and low repair costs. Your system will last longer too. Who can argue with benefits like that?

Without regular maintenance, a heat pump can operate as much as 25 percent less efficiently than a system that’s cared for regularly. That’s a huge cost to you in terms of energy consumption. Can you afford to pay that kind of money over the life of your system if you don’t invest in heat pump maintenance? The real question is this: Can you afford not to invest in maintenance?

  • During maintenance, your technician will thoroughly clean the heat pump, ensuring that its performance potential isn’t prohibited by dirty coils, which impact heat transfer, or dirt buildup on the motor, which causes it to consume more energy. A clean system runs optimally.
  • You’ll net energy savings when your heat pump runs as efficiently as possible. Heat pumps use less energy when they’re unencumbered by dirt buildup. Over the life of the system, you’ll use less energy when you invest in heat pump maintenance.
  • Heat pumps that are cared for require fewer repairs, too. That’s one reason manufacturers require proof of annual service before they’ll cover a part replacement under the warranty.
  • Experts agree that regularly servicing a heat pump extends its lifespan, by some estimations, as much as five years. A longer-lasting system boosts your return on investment, eliminating the need to pay for a replacement system if you were to neglect the heat pump.

When your heat pump runs efficiently, the overall efficiency of your home increases, especially if you’ve made upgrades to the insulation in your home or had the ductwork sealed. Don’t let an inefficient heat pump compromise your investment. In Pasadena, contact Air-Tro to make an appointment.

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