Phasing Out R-22 Refrigerant: What It Means to the Pasadena Homeowner

Phasing Out R-22 Refrigerant: What It Means to the Pasadena Homeowner

Phasing Out R-22 Refrigerant: What It Means to the Pasadena HomeownerIf you have an R-22-compatible HVAC system, you are probably among the many Pasadena residents who have questions about the phasing out of R-22 refrigerant and what it means to you as a homeowner:

Why are we phasing out R-22 refrigerant?
Concerns regarding ozone-depleting chlorine in R-22 have caused the U.S. Government and Environmental Protection Agency to mandate phasing out R-22 refrigerant supplies by 2020 in order to comply with the Clean Air Act. As a result of this phase-out R-22 is no longer a long-term alternative to satisfying refrigerant needs.

How will phasing out R-22 refrigerant affect current R-22 supplies and costs?
Thirty percent less R-22 is available this year than last year, significantly reducing supplies. As a result, the cost of supplies is expected to rise as R-22 demand increases. HVAC service providers are advising customers to plan ahead to reduce future dependency on limited R-22 resources. For those with older systems, it may be recommended to consider moving up HVAC replacement on your priority list. In addition to refrigerant supply concerns, there are many benefits to upgrading your HVAC system, such as lower energy bills, higher efficiency, better air quality, increased comfort and convenience, and possible energy tax credits.

Are there any replacement plans for R-22?
R-410A, a new chlorine-free, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, is being used in newer, higher-efficiency heating and air-conditioning systems. Retrofitting older, R-22-compatible systems to run on R-410A is not an option as using this refrigerant with older systems can cause damage. A dry-charged unit is now on the market that will work with air handlers and furnaces designed to use R-22.

If you have concerns regarding the phasing out of R-22 refrigerant and your existing HVAC system, contact Air-Tro Inc. Air-Tro Inc. has been serving the Pasadena area for more than 40 years with full service, professional air conditioning design, repair, installation and maintenance.

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