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Have a Vacation Planned? Here’s a Residential HVAC Checklist to Run Through Before You Leave Los Angeles

Avoid Cost Overages When You’re Not Home with These Easy Tips

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For San Gabriel Valley families, vacation getaways or even business trips can be fun, but sometimes planning for them can be a hassle. From coordinating hotels to booking airline flights, it’s always a challenge to save money where you can. But have you considered taking a look at your HVAC system before you leave? A little preparation can translate into lower energy bills and a safer home while you’re away.

Check Your Windows to Ensure They’re Securely Closed

Not only will you be deterring burglars, but you’ll also be avoiding drafts and excess moisture buildup inside your home. Your HVAC functions at it peak energy efficiency when it doesn’t have to compensate for open spaces into the outside.

Set Your Thermostat

We have to clarify: it’s not a good idea to turn off your HVAC system entirely when you leave town. Letting your home get overly warm in the summer or extremely cold in the winter may result in an over-accumulation of moisture (and subsequent mold) in the ductwork during the hotter months, or result in the pipes malfunctioning in the wintertime. Instead, set your thermostat for just a few degrees higher (in summer) or lower (in winter) than you normally would for indoor comfort before leaving town.  This way you’ll know the system will be operating during your absence, maintaining appropriate air circulation and avoiding risky temperature extremes.

Switch Out Your Air Filter

It may seem like a small thing, but a clean air filter can play a significant role in keeping your energy bills low, even when you’re away on vacation. Trapping debris and airborne irritants, a clean air filter also prevents dust and dirt from entering your indoor environment. Who wants to come home to a dusty home, anyway?

Choosing a filter doesn’t need to be complicated. Your HVAC user manual will have guidelines as to the necessary size and style, or you can simply bring the old one to the hardware store in search of a replacement. Remember to select a filter with the right MERV rating for your equipment. Have questions? Unsure whether you need a fiberglass or a pleated model? Call your professional HVAC specialist for answers.

Consider Adding a Surge Guard

Protecting your HVAC equipment from a power surge or electrical malfunction is always important. When you’re not home, it’s critical to protect your system from the damage or equipment failure electrical mishaps can incur. Putting in a surge protector before you leave on a trip can prevent unpleasant surprises with your HVAC upon your return home.

Check to Make Sure No Vents Are Blocked

In a busy household, it’s easy to set down some laundry, move a chair or put aside a package in such a way that a vent or register is inadvertently blocked. This restricts airflow, and reduces the efficiency of your equipment, forcing it to work harder to achieve the same result. Before you leave on a trip, take a quick walk throughout the house to make sure nothing is blocking these essential elements of your HVAC system.

Making some simple adjustments can not only keep your heating and air conditioning equipment in good shape during your absence, but also prevent unnecessary energy expenses when you’re not at home.

Enjoy your trip!

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