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Upgrading HVAC Equipment? Why Using The Lifetime Cost Of HVAC Equipment Gives You A Better Idea Of Its Actual Cost

Upgrading HVAC Equipment? Why Using The Lifetime Cost Of HVAC Equipment Gives You A Better Idea Of Its Actual Cost

When it comes time to upgrade HVAC equipment, many California residents are hesitant due to the high initial costs. Unfortunately, it’s that type of short-term thinking that ends up costing many homeowners even more over the long term. When considering the upgrade to high-efficiency HVAC equipment, it’s important to weigh those initial expenses against the actual lifetime cost of the equipment.

First, consider the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of your current air conditioning unit. SEER indicates the level of efficient cooling your unit provides relative to the amount of energy it consumes; the higher the SEER, the more efficient your air conditioning. Of course, if your system is more than five years old, it can have a SEER as low as 10 or below. Today’s air conditioners are required to carry a minimum SEER of 13, which means an upgrade could improve your energy efficiency by as much as 30 percent annually, a significant savings over the long term.

Improved SEER isn’t the only advantage of a new system. Lifetime costs can also be reduced by the proper sizing of equipment. Older systems are notorious for being oversized, with some being up to four times larger than is necessary for today’s energy-efficient construction. By upgrading to smaller equipment, you can improve energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

When you add up the annual savings in energy consumption, suddenly the initial costs of an upgrade don’t seem so unreasonable. In fact, with many high-efficiency upgrades, the lifetime cost will be further reduced by federal energy-based tax credits as well as state, local and manufacturer incentives. Depending on the math, an upgrade could potentially pay for itself within the first few years with future energy savings going directly into your pocket.

If the initial costs of an HVAC system upgrade have kept you from making the move to high efficiency, let our trained technicians give you a more accurate assessment of the lifetime costs of a system upgrade. You may find that the money you’re wasting on repairing an older system could be better spent elsewhere. For more information, contact Air-Tro Heating & Air Conditioning for an expert consultation.

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