Air-Tro’s “Comfy Pets” Photo Contest Benefits Pasadena Humane

judy mann pasadena humane
(from l to r) Kim Burbank, Philanthropy Manager, Pasadena Humane; Judy Mann, 1st place pet photo contest winner; Bob Helbing, President, Air-Tro, Inc.

Southern California’s Most Adorable Pets

airtro contest 2023 landing2Over the 2023 holidays, we asked readers to share their cutest, most adorable photo of their comfy pet for a chance to win over $1,000 in prizes. Not only was it a fun contest, but the competition was also surprisingly competitive.

We were so glad to see how many voters came out to support the cause. Thank you, SoCal!

Third Place and a $50 gift card was claimed by Vickie Junger, whose 12.5 yrs old feline “Stormy” earned 65 votes. She loves to play laser pen, fetch, and being brushed. Even with all that fur Vickie says Stormy still prefers to sleep under her blanket.

2nd place winner Erica
2nd place winner Erica Chae brought her pup into the office to pick up her $100 prize. How adorable!

Second Place Winner Erica Chae, won a $100 gift card with her pup’s entry “Beauty sleep is berry important.” A Brea resident, Erica received 112 votes.

Claremont resident Judy Mann took away the First Place win in Air-Tro’s Comfy Pets Photo Contest with an impressive 219 votes for her felines entry featuring her “Cozy kitten crew” waiting for forever homes.

Judy’s company Judy Mann Cat Rescue provides rescue care for felines by providing homes for unwanted and abandoned cats. They are an organization focused on animal protection and welfare located in Montclair, CA.

As the First Place Winner, Judy and her cats received a $500 gift card. Additionally, Air-Tro provided a $500 donation to Pasadena Humane in her name.


At Air-Tro our job is to keep Californians comfortable, and we know that pets want comfort too.

Remember, with the weather prone to extremes here in Southern California, pets need a comfortable environment too. No one, not even dogs and cats, do well in sizzling heat, rain, or cold. Pets like HVAC too, and can live longer, happier lives when they can enjoy pet-safe temperatures. Always ensure your furry or feathered friend has access to clean water, shade, or a cool spot near the indoor AC vents come springtime.

Thank you to all who participated.


Comfy Pets Contest Submissions


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