Air-Tro Holiday Party Also Raises Money for Arcadia Law Enforcement and Firefighters Associations

To Think It All Started with HVAC Service and a Manicure

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Yours truly, Bob Helbing. Complete with holiday tie.

We like to think of our community as a small town, no matter how large the San Gabriel Valley grows. It’s not about the number of people who live here, but it’s about the feeling we get just by chatting with a neighbor in the supermarket, or the smile from a local shopkeeper when coming into their store. When it comes right down to it, it’s about home.

Our “small town” sense was confirmed recently when a lady struck up a conversation with the woman sitting next to her at a local nail salon (I like to call it the “paws and claws treatment,” but that’s just me). Anyway, the woman talked about the recent remodeling project she’d undertaken for all her rental properties, and how much work it was. The bright spot, she said, was that her HVAC contractor was doing a great job.

“What company was it?” her new friend asked.

“Air-Tro.” she replied.

Her new friend smiled, because as she later explained, she was rather closely related to the company. You see, in addition to having beautiful hands and feet, Erin Helbing is also married to me, Bob Helbing, the CEO of Air-Tro.

Erin rushed home to tell me, and I was so pleased our happy customer was spreading the word. We too got to know one another. When she offered to host our company’s holiday party, I immediately took her up on the offer. More than 80 people enjoyed her generous hospitality, beautiful holiday decorations and delicious food. The super talented Nick Seth-Smith of took the pictures, and a wonderful time was had by all.

After our HVAC holiday hoedown ( well, no cowboy boots involved), we decided we needed to do something nice for our loyal customer and now dear friend. Knowing her favorite charities include the organizations that support the courageous law enforcement officers and firefighters of our community, we donated $500 both to the Arcadia Firefighters Association and the Arcadia Police Officers Association.

Most importantly, our new friend and her rental property tenants can count on indoor comfort, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with their cost-effective HVAC systems. And we got to have a great party.

I’m not much for manicures or pedicures, but it’s nice to know our clients are so well groomed, too.

Here’s to a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year for you, your family and the entire San Gabriel Valley in 2018. Thank you for allowing us to serve such a wonderful community now and hopefully long into the future. Happy New Year!

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