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Air-Tro Giving Back to Save Our Restaurants

Participate Now in Helping Local Businesses!


Monrovia Chamber of Commerce is spearheading a local promotion to save local restaurants struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

On the Chamber of Commerce website, the initiative is offering free $10 discounts to be used at participating local restaurants. Just download the coupon and select from the extensive list of restaurant options.

“We figured if we can just encourage people in the community to show the kind of support that we know they hold for these places, and demonstrate it, and just encourage them, give them a little bit of something and say, please help out, we might make a difference,” says Bob Helbing of Air-Tro.

The best news? Along with helping consumers to save money, the restaurants themselves won’t have to absorb the cost of the discount. Instead, they will be reimbursed by other businesses in the community that haven’t been hit as hard by the effects of the pandemic as others.

Air-Tro is proud to be one of the sponsors contributing to this initiative, and encourages you to help out too! This is the final week, so please visit the Chamber website and download your promotion. You’ll be making an impact, and helping your family to enjoy fantastic food.

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