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Repair or Replace? Should I replace my filters even though my HVAC system is running fine?

Is changing the filter really important in HVAC Maintenance? Does it help keep our system clean? What about allergies? Find out how you can keep your HVAC system, and your health in tiptop condition by maintaining your filters in this video:

Repair or replace by AIR-TRO, a game that asks all of the tough HVAC questions so that you don’t have to!

Mrs. Wagner asks: “Should I replace my filters? Even though my HVAC system is running fine?”

And the answer to that is yes.

We know that changing the filter is very important. It helps with allergies. It helps keep the system clean. It helps maintain the unit. Changing your filter is about 80% of HVAC maintenance.

changing your air filter

Our tech Ruben has been doing this for about 14 years and visits a lot of homes. Often people forget about their filter. When he asks, “Can I start with changing your filter first before I get started?” They’ll say, “Filter, what filter?”

Oh boy. That means this system’s in trouble! So yes, changing the filter is very, very important.

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