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Sealing Your Ductwork: How Your Contractor Can Help You

duct sealing los angeles californiaIf you notice a small air leak in your ducts, you can usually repair it yourself. However, it is important to call in a professional to have the system fully evaluated and repaired. While some ducts are obvious and easy to get to, many of the ducts in your home are in difficult-to-reach areas like crawl spaces and attics. Sealing your ductwork in these areas is a job for a professional.

A standard maintenance call by a trained HVAC professional will include:

  • An inspection and evaluation of the system
  • Sealing your ductwork with mastic or metal tape
  • Repairing disconnected or damaged ducts and straightening out flexible ducts
  • Insulating ducts in unconditioned areas
  • Replacing filters
  • Running a check for backdrafting and a combustion safety test

A combustion safety test will be run once all the ducts are sealed and is necessary for home safety. It will detect if hazardous and combustible gases are entering the system from gas- or oil burning-appliances and help avoid home fires.

Regular maintenance and a properly sealed duct system will also save you money, improve air quality in your home, promote safety in your home and make your home more comfortable.

If you are concerned about the safety and condition of your system, have questions about sealing your ductwork, or need to schedule routine maintenance in the Pasadena area, your can contact us at Air-Tro for all your HVAC needs.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater Los Angeles, California area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about sealing your ductwork and other HVAC topics, visit our website.

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