Designing A Zoning System That’s Customized To Your California Home

designing a zoning system los angeles californiaWhen one room in your house always feel like an icebox and another feels baking hot, it can be quite frustrating. Designing a zoning system can help regulate the temperature of the different rooms in your house by allowing you to control where you’d like the warm or cold airflow to be directed. This is done by dividing your home into zones, each equipped with a thermostat for customized comfort. When done properly, this can help reduce your energy usage and monthly expenses. To maximize a zoning system’s potential, it’s important to understand a few key points about how it should be set up.

Tips for designing a zoning system
When grouping the rooms of your house together to make zoned areas, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind. The more of these tips you are able to follow, the more effective your zoning system can be. For optimal performance:

  • Keep areas of your home that were constructed differently in separate zones. For example, a sun room or a newer room addition will likely be insulated differently than your family room is. Such areas should also have separate thermostats.
  • Never group rooms on different floors in the same zone, since heat rises.
  • Thermostats should be placed in the most commonly used rooms of each zone.
  • To help stabilize the airflow, when possible, have at least two registers for each zone in your home.
  • Group internal rooms together in the same zone since they aren’t as impacted by outdoor conditions as the rooms with perimeter wall areas are.
  • Rooms that receive differing degrees of heat shouldn’t be grouped together. For instance, a room that faces a direction with a lot of sun exposure shouldn’t be grouped with a room that’s stays dark all day.

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