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Cutting A/C Maintenance? Then Get Ready for Bigger Energy Bills

Air Conditioning Runs Cheaper if it’s Maintained Properly

Budgets are tight. No one wants to waste money when every penny counts. But “cuts” that cost you more in the end aren’t savings; just the opposite. Neglected equipment runs hot, breaks down more, and doesn’t last as long. Energy bills rise, repairs pile up, and equipment that should have lasted 20 years ends up needing replacement much sooner.

No building system costs more to run, to repair, and to replace than air conditioning. And when summer comes, cooling lost means unhappy staff. How do you avoid the expense (and headaches) of breakdowns?

Make sure your air conditioning gets proper, professional maintenance from the experts at Air-Tro. We’ll keep the filtration and the coils clean. We’ll replace that bad wire before it becomes a burnt-out circuit board. We’ll protect your investment in HVAC equipment, while controlling your utility bills by keeping your systems running at their best.

Don’t let short-term savings expose you to big repair and replacement bills right down the road. Get your building and its air conditioning ready for summer.