Don’t Let Energy Use Add to Your Holiday Expenses: Tips for Cutting Back

Don’t Let Energy Use Add to Your Holiday Expenses: Tips for Cutting Back

Don't Let Energy Use Add to Your Holiday Expenses: Tips for Cutting BackWith fall now arrived, there are a lot of financial obligations you need to fulfill, from Halloween candy, to a feast for Thanksgiving to holiday gifts, decorations and food to buy. Don’t let high energy costs dip into your holiday funds. Here are some simple ways to cut back on energy use, so you will have more money for the things that really matter.

  • 1. Seal Air Holes.
  • When your house is cold, it is only natural to turn on the heat. Unfortunately, some of that heat will not stay in your house if you have air leaks. The heat will escape underneath doorways, through windows, and through holes in walls and the ceiling. Finding and fixing air leaks will go a long way in keeping the heat in your house, and reducing your energy use.

  • 2. Use Christmas Lights Sparingly.
  • The holiday season is easy to get into the spirit of, but it comes with a price. Christmas lights can eat up a lot of energy if they are left on for long periods of time. The best way to cut back your energy use is to invest in some new LED Christmas lights. They use far less energy than traditional Christmas lights. Regardless of what lights you use, setting a strict time limit on how long they are plugged in is a good way to conserve energy.

  • 3. Buy Your Loved Ones Energy Efficient Presents.
  • Christmas is one day a year that is guaranteed to burn up a lot of energy, and the new presents your family receives are partially responsible. If you buy Energy Star electronics or appliances, the damage to your electric bill will be minimal. For your kids, there are plenty of fun toys that require no electricity at all. Action figures or a board game are good examples of that.

    There are lots of costs associated with the holidays. A high energy bill does not have to be among them. Taking a few precautions can reduce your energy use, and keep your costs low. For more tips on how to conserve energy this holidays season, contact Air-Tro today.

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