Keeping YOUR Lights On

Keeping YOUR Lights On

keeping lights onOne only has to think of Hurricane Katrina to realize the fragile nature of our nation’s infrastructure. We flip a switch and expect the lights to come on and brighten the room. It’s hard to imagine the room remaining dark.

Be Prepared With a Backup Generator for Your Pasadena HVAC System

When power does go out, we know that it will come back soon. Except, we’ve learned in recent years that what we’ve always considered so reliable, may not be.

There are blackouts due to damage from hurricanes and ice storms. There are blackouts due to transmission problems that may be hundreds of miles away. There are even blackouts due to state political moves.

The stimulus actually provides very substantial tax credits to you when you upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system and install high efficiency furnaces, air conditioners or heat pumps.

As blackouts have become more widespread (or at least, more widely reported), entrepreneurs have stepped up and created solutions. Today, automatic residential standby generators can help concerned homeowners keep the lights on even when the utility system fails.

If you are concerned about the potential of blackouts, you should learn more about standby generator systems. And naturally, we can install one for you. I’d love to talk with you about the sense of empowerment that comes from a generator system. Don’t let a storm or utility failure leave your family in the dark! Give me a call.