Fire Safety In the Home—Be Smart and Prepared

Fire Safety In the Home—Be Smart and Prepared

fire safety 1Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. That song may conjure up images of Rockwellesque serenity, but reality paints a different picture. In America alone, over 3,400 people die each year due to residential fires. Many others are injured. Most of those fires occur during the winter months.

Fire Prevention & Heating Appliance Tips for Pasadena Homes

Fires in the home can be caused by any number of things. During the winter, the most common culprits are fireplaces and space heaters. These appliances are meant to keep you warm and comfortable, but if proper precautions aren’t taken, they can cause great damage.

When it comes to fireplaces, there are several things to consider before starting up your next fire. One of the most important is the cleanliness and integrity of your chimney. The simplest precaution is to have a professional chimney sweep inspect your chimney every year. They’ll not only clean out the chimney, they can also locate and repair any cracks, blockages and leaks that could cause a problem.

Perhaps the most dangerous heating appliance is the portable electric space heater. If you plan on using one, be extra cautious.

Start by looking for a safety label. You’ll probably find one on the bottom of the heater that shows it’s been inspected by the UL, ETL or CSA. If it doesn’t have one, get a new heater!

If you’re using an extension cord, make sure it’s rated for the same capacity as the heater. If it’s undersized, the cord itself could overheat and cause a fire

Place your space heater at least 3 feet from any combustible materials. Always be sure there’s an adult in the room whenever it’s operating and keep a close eye on children and pets.

Always turn off space heaters before leaving the room or before going to sleep. And never try to dry wet clothing or other materials on or near a portable heater.

If you follow the safety tips in this article, you’ll be much more likely to have a safe, comfortable winter. There are lots of other things you can do as well.

Regular heating repair and maintenance can help; here are more tips to keep your Pasadena home safe

  • Keep fire extinguishers in multiple locations around the house.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom in the house.
  • Change the batteries once a year.
  • Extinguish cigarette butts with water.
  • Keep candles in stable, fireproof candle holders and never use them in kid’s rooms.
  • Have your central heating system inspected and tuned each year.
  • Consider adding a central sprinkler system throughout your home.