From the Found on the Internet File: Furnace Memes!

We spend some time every day looking at HVAC news, and we couldn’t help but notice recently the number of amusing memes there are out there about furnaces (well, amusing to us, but we’re in the business). A few of them raise some pretty good questions, too.

Exploding Furnaces and Seismic Shifts

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Okay, we’ve all been there, living in Southern California and earthquake country. Frankly, it’s probably an earthquake. But what’s the deal on your furnace? Can it really blow up?

Well, the short answer is, yes. If a furnace isn’t working properly, it could. Without combustion, gas can collect inside the furnace and spread out to the surrounding area. With the right gas/air proportion, all you’d need is an ignition source for an explosion. Leaks in gas pipes can do the same.

HVAC Maintenance Is Critical

The takeaway? If you have a gas appliance, make sure you have it checked out every year by your HVAC professional. While catastrophic malfunctions are extremely unlikely, it always pays to be safe instead of sorry.

As far as earthquakes go, well, make sure you have an earthquake kit easily accessible in your home at all times. At least we don’t get tornados.

Smooth Criminals or Loud Furnaces: What’s Going On?

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Property crime rates vary year to year–we suggest locking your doors and windows, and considering adopting a dog from the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter to alert you to any unexpected visitors.

But as far as loud furnaces, there are multiple reasons it can happen. A malfunctioning fan blowing hot air through your vents can cause weird noises, particularly when the fan’s ball bearings have worn out. Delayed ignition can make a furnace make a loud noise upon starting up, as unburned oil builds up in the firebox. As you might have guessed, this can be a dangerous problem, and one to leave to your HVAC professional to address.

HVAC Whistles and Hums

Whistling from a furnace can come from ill fitting ducts, a leak or even a dirty filter. Loose screws and ducts can also create unwanted rattling and vibrations.

Funny Smells from Your Furnacefurnace maintenance

A weird smell coming from your heater is a common problem particularly in the fall, when folks are usually turning on their furnace for the first time after a long summer break. Dust, dander and grime has gathered over the heating elements during the off season, finally burning off when you turn it on. The smell should quickly dissipate upon using the furnace, as the debris is burned away.

However, lingering weird odors can also suggest bigger problems. The smell of smoke is always a cause for alarm, and an immediate call to your HVAC professional. The smell of burning plastic or rubber coming from ductwork could be significant, or simply the presence of a foreign object: a toy, or even an unfortunate critter from the outside who took up residence in your HVAC system when it wasn’t being used. Either way, your HVAC professional can provide a full inspection.

Caffeine Headaches: We Have No Idea

HVAC repairs, HVACHonestly, some of us are big coffee drinkers in the office, while others swear off the stuff entirely. We haven’t solved the headache question, but pass the creamer, please. And the sugar too.

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