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Not Cool: How to Avoid Shady Air Conditioning Companies

HVAC professionals, service and maintenanceSpringtime is almost here, and it’s time to think about maintenance, repairs and for some, even a new HVAC system for your home or office before the weather becomes too extreme. We know you have lots of choices out there when it comes to hiring an HVAC contractor. What really matters when it comes to choosing the right company? And why does it matter, anyway?

HVAC Certifications and Licensing

Few homeowners or even business people are aware that HVAC is one of the most heavily regulated industries around. As environmental concerns and air quality become bigger issues for Southern Californians, legislators, scientists and utility companies are working together with HVAC professionals to create new, improved standards for both existing air conditioning and heating systems, and the products of the future. Therefore, to legally install, maintain, or service any HVAC unit in our state, HVAC contractors must undergo hours of yearly training, and certification to make sure their company and their technicians comply with the ever changing best practices and standards of the industry.

Because Comfort Shouldn’t Have to Mean Risky Business

If you’re relying on a handyman or unlicensed, uncertified HVAC installer or technician, you may be playing with fire. If they’re cutting corners on their own qualifications, most likely they’re also cutting corners with you. Substandard equipment, poor quality products, and risky fixes may not be apparent as the work is being done, but rest assured they will play out later when it comes to system breakdowns, and energy costs when things get hot (or cold) later in the year.

Avoid Baseless HVAC Scare Tactics

Quite frankly, many sub par HVAC “cowboys” will also rely on scare tactics for the home or business owner who isn’t familiar with insider terminology or typical equipment norms (and who is?). One reputable HVAC professional describes getting a frantic call from a long time customer, for example, who had been told by a handyman that she had a “crack in her heat exchanger, and the whole house could blow up.” The pressure was there, to be sure, but it was being applied by the handyman to get her to sign up for a costly replacement of her existing system.

We’ll never tell you to ignore the possibility your system is faulty, broken or at risk. But if you’ve been told you “must get a new system today,” or “your system is ready to blow,” turn off your HVAC, and get a second opinion before moving forward. The time and expense of a brand new system may not be warranted, and a fix could mean just a replacement of an inexpensive piece of equipment, rather than the entire air conditioner or furnace.

Make sure your HVAC system is working properly before it gets too hot! Get in touch with Air-Tro for responsible, reputable technicians who will give you detailed estimates and provide extensive documentation for any service provided. We care about our customers, and our reputation. Call us today at (626)357-3535.