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Furnace Troubleshooting: Things You Should Know

Your Heating Equipment Doesn’t Have to Leave You Steamed.

When it comes to furnace repair, you can count on Air-Tro to find and fix the issue immediately. However, we understand that calling someone may not be your first impulse when it comes to minor issues around the house. To that end, here’s a simple guide to the most common furnace problems you may encounter. Impress your family and friends with your HVAC knowledge, or simply use the information to “talk shop” with your friendly Air-Tro repair technician. Either way, you’ll be in the know.

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A furnace that works keeps everyone cozy.

Furnace that turns off and on repeatedly: who likes a heater that never stays on? Not only will this cost you more money by using up needless energy, it’s a problem that can result in inconsistent temperatures throughout your house. Check your thermostat for possible malfunctions. Easily fixed (sometimes all it needs is new batteries) or replaced, the right thermostat can solve your inconsistent operation problems in a snap.

Furnace that doesn’t even turn on: while this may be alarming, first, check your power source. Don’t panic. You’d be amazed how often a problem with your power  is the real issue when a furnace isn’t working.

Furnace that blows a fuse: HVAC equipment is supposed to work well with your electrical system, not destroy it. You may have a wiring problem with your furnace. Don’t be a hero, stay safe and pick up the phone. Your certified HVAC technician should have a look at it.

Furnace that smells funny: remember that the first time you turn on your furnace this season, it’s likely you’ll encounter a mild burning odor for an hour or less. This is just the dust and debris inside the vents burning off after a long period of disuse over the summer. Don’t worry.  However, if the smell persists, or it reeks of plastic, chemicals, or something else, turn off your equipment and have it inspected immediately.

And here’s this pro tip: furnaces need to be kept clean to stay in good working order. A dirty furnace results in lower indoor air quality, higher heating bills, and a less efficient HVAC system. Ensure your filters are regularly changed and there’s no visible debris, dirt or household detritus around the equipment. If you have permanent filters, make sure they are regularly maintained according to company specs.

By the way, it’s common wisdom among the HVAC-hip that furnaces need to be serviced at least once a year. Have you had yours inspected recently? Save yourself the hassles of having to call only when the system breaks down (something that always seems to happen on holidays or the coldest day of the year). Instead, get it inspected now, before the weather gets really wintry. You’ll be glad you did.


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