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New Homeowners: Furnace Maintenance You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Save Money and Save Energy with These Simple Tips for Your New Home

furnace, heatingIn the rush to handle every detail, the transition into a new home from your old one can be very stressful. Between unpacking boxes to arranging for a new mailing address, it might seem ridiculous to spend any time worrying about the HVAC system. Don’t ignore these easy ways to keep your furnace running correctly. Assure your family’s indoor comfort in a new home with the suggestions below!

How’s the pilot light?

The pilot light for your home’s furnace is an excellent indicator of the overall health of your furnace. Consistent, appropriate gas flow is evidenced by a blue, steady flame. In contrast, a yellow flame could indicate carbon monoxide, or problems with overall fuel regulation. If your pilot light looks to be any color other than blue, call your HVAC technician today to discuss an immediate inspection.

Any noises coming from the furnace?

Unexpected rumbles or loud noises from your furnace could signal a problem. Take the time to listen to your furnace operation. Familiarize yourself with the noises that may be typical, and those that may signal that something’s wrong.

Is your furnace clean?

We know that in a move it’s easy to lose yourself in a pile of moving boxes and other household detritus. However, always take the time to ensure there’s nothing blocking household vents, or the furnace itself. In addition, a clean blower assembly, wiped with a damp cloth, can assure you months of energy efficient performance. Take the time to review your HVAC system’s instruction manual and locate where this equipment is located in your system.

Change the air filters.

It’s a frequent refrain here at Air-Tro, but always a song worth listening to: change your air filters! It’s critically important to make sure you have fresh new filters going into the wintertime. After all, who wants to breathe in all that stinky old debris, dust and dog fur left behind from the previous homeowners? The good news is that air filters are relatively inexpensive, easily installed and always helpful in keeping your energy bills low. Like fresh paint or a mowed lawn, new air filters should be seen as a routine part of home maintenance for everyone.

These are easy ways to ensure your furnace is up to peak performance for the holidays and beyond. Questions or concerns? Call us today to schedule a routine HVAC inspection.

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