Three Ways to Reduce Heating Costs in Your Rental House or Apartment

Conserve Energy and Your Budget

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Apartments can be energy efficient too!

If you’re a renter and watching your wallet this season, you’re not alone. Between household expenses, birthdays and holidays, crazy heating bills won’t help any tenant’s bottom line. When the weather is cold outside, it might seem like you don’t have a whole lot of options, but we beg to differ. Check out these easy ways you can reduce your energy expenses without sacrificing indoor comfort!

#1. Consider curtains!

While your landlord probably has blinds or shutters in your windows for privacy, these window coverings aren’t the best when it comes to preventing heat from escaping your apartment and cold coming in. Fabric curtains are much better at insulating you from the temps outside. Think about putting up curtains and a curtain rod above the window. That way you can keep what the landlord installed, but also have curtains to shut when the weather outside is chilly. Additionally, a big tapestry or curtain hanging on the wall as decoration can further insulate your home better than a bare wall alone.

#2. Just say no to air leaks!

Many apartments and rental houses are not maintained the way tenants would prefer, and have a lot of drafty windows, ill fitting doors and areas where the air can get in from outside. If you have drafty doorways, consider putting a rolled up towel at the bottom of every door to prevent air leaks. Talk to your landlord about sealing wall cracks and any the holes between the windows and their frames. He or she may not be aware of problem. Foam spray or sealant can also be used to surround light switches and outlet covers along exterior walls to prevent air transfer. Obviously, don’t make any permanent changes without getting the permission of the landlord, to avoid being charged.

#3. Turn down the thermostat…just a little bit.

Did you know that for every degree you turn down the indoor temperature, you’ll save an average of 1% on your heating bill? We’re not suggesting freezing yourself out of your home or apartment, but even just a little reduction in heat goes a long way. Also, don’t forget to lower your thermostat at night (when you’re warm and cozy under blankets in bed) or when you go out. Why pay for heating when you’re at work? Even better, consider approaching the landlord to suggest installing a programmable thermostat  in your living space. Inexpensive and easy to use, these thermostats allow you to set the times of day when the heat or air conditioning should be on, and when it can be turned off.

While the suggestions are perfect for renters who can’t change up their HVAC systems, a homeowner will also find these useful too. Just a little planning and effort can save you big money when it comes to utility bills.

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