Variable Speed or Single Stage? Understand Your Options When It Comes to a New Furnace.

New Choices, New Standards for Energy Efficiency When It Comes to Heating Your Home

If you’re looking into replacing the furnace for your house or condo, you should be aware of the different types of products available, along with their advantages and disadvantages. While we’re always happy to consult with our clients and offer recommendations, it’s always nice to have a little knowledge of your own going into the process.

Types of Furnaces: What’s Available Now:

Variable Speed

The “variable speed” of this product doesn’t refer to the actual furnace, but rather, to its indoor blower motor. As you might guess, this motor works at different speeds to regulate the flow of heated air into your home.  Its precise monitoring tools allow it to consistently adjust motor speed in response to conditions with your home and subsequent airflow issues that might otherwise affect temperature.

For this reason, variable speed furnaces are extremely energy efficient, generally running more cheaply than single stage furnaces. They are also useful for zoning your heating as they allow you to set the thermostat differently for different areas of your house. Why pay to heat the living room if no one is using it? Keep your bedroom toasty and set the temp lower where you don’t need it.

Variable speed furnaces also mean no temperature swings. Constant adjustments to your environment mean it’s able to keep a consistent, stable level of indoor comfort at all times. However, price and installation are more costly overall than conventional furnaces. This initial investment must be balanced with the overall size of your home, and whether you have the option for zoned heating.

Single Stage

These are the traditional furnaces with which we’re all familiar. They have one speed of heat output, sending heated air into your home regardless of the temperature outside, airflow variations within your home, or other environmental considerations. They’re cheaper to purchase and to install, making the most sense for homeowners on a limited budget.

Energy efficiency is where single stage furnaces are less effective. Maintaining a consistent temperature is always a battle. Furthermore, you’ll be paying for heat going into all areas of your home, whether you use those rooms or not, unlike the flexibility of a variable speed furnace. However, their obvious cost advantages at the outset make them a reasonable choice for some homeowners.

Remember to evaluate all types of furnaces on their energy efficiency, price, and how well they fit with your home’s size, and design constraints. Some homeowners get carried away with having the latest technology, only to find that their fancy new furnace might not be the most energy efficient for their particular needs. For that reason, it’s important to factor in all aspects of these models before making a final decision.  Call the experts at Air-Tro today for help sorting out what makes sense for your home and budget.  Your indoor comfort is always our priority.

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