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Because HVAC Is About More Than Indoor Comfort

Heating and Cooling Tells the Story of Our World

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We talk a lot in this space about the newest technologies in HVAC, but the fact is that the basic heating and cooling systems we take for granted are the culmination of centuries’ worth of innovation and research. Modern, reliable heating and air conditioning equipment has not only enabled the growth of business and industry across the globe, but also enhanced the human lifespan and our overall health, too.

Consider these facts:

HVAC Means Population Growth: In the United States alone, HVAC has made Sun Belt states like Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and even the Southern California area far more livable. It’s turned these previously untenable areas for ordinary families into realistic destinations for many Americans looking for a place to settle down.  Population growth in these states is directly tied to the advent of readily available, affordable air conditioning systems. According to the US Census, these states have moved from representing 28 percent of the American population in 1950 to becoming home for more than 40% of our nation’s citizens in 2000, and likely even more today.

HVAC Saves Lives: Despite breakthroughs in HVAC technology, did you know that heat-related illness has claimed the lives of more than 9,000 Americans since 1979, according to the EPA? Vulnerable populations, those over 65 and children under 12, are most affected by extreme temperatures. A 1995 heat wave in Chicago resulted in more than 700 heat-related deaths, mainly drawn from a population of impoverished older adults who could not afford or find a working AC unit.

There’s also real evidence to suggest that mental illness is exacerbated by excessive heat. The NIH found in a recent study that cooler temps led to lower rates of community violence and self-injury.

HVAC Means Greater Productivity: Research in Japan suggests that hotter indoor temperatures relate to clear declines in productivity and satisfaction while at work. There’s also a study that links workers’ heat stress to slower cognitive processes and reduced overall performance. The same study linked indoor comfort to attention and reaction time, as well as mood.

HVAC Means Innovation: As anyone who has left a laptop on the bed can attest, computers give off a ton of heat. One can only imagine the consequences of large computers left in hot, un-air conditioned offices or laboratories. Without HVAC and cooling rooms, it’s entirely possible the digital age wouldn’t have unfolded quite as rapidly or perhaps at all!

Today, HVAC continues to push the envelope in our mission to develop practical green technology and greater energy efficiency.  As our society evolves, we hope “greater indoor comfort” will continue to play an important role in the health, happiness and success of our community and our world.


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