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Improve Home Energy Efficiency: A 5-Step Guide

Improve Home Energy Efficiency: A 5-Step Guide

improve energy efficiency pasadena los angeles californiaUse the fall season to get your annual winterizing and preventive maintenance projects done while the weather is still good. Improve home energy efficiency and ready your house for winter by following this simple five step guide. This will save you money and make your house and its appliances last longer.

  1. Check the roof and gutters: Look for and fix leaks or potential leaks. This will improve home energy efficiency and help prevent the growth of mold and mildew in  your attic. Clear away debris on your roof and in your gutters and downspouts, and repair any gutter damage. Keeping your gutters in top shape will help prevent melted snow and ice from freezing in your gutters and forming ice dams, which can damage your gutters and your roof.
  2. Check for household air leaks: Go to every window and door in your house and check for drafts, and use weatherstripping or caulk to stop them. Sealing leaks will make your house more energy efficient and save you money.
  3. Check the insulation: Look at the insulation in your attic and anywhere else that you can see it. If it looks wet or moldy, you need to find and remove the source of moisture first, then replace the insulation. Wet, moldy insulation will not provide adequate thermal resistance and might create a health hazard. If the insulation has been compressed, then it needs to be replaced as well.
  4. Check the furnace: Check the furnace for signs of dirt or buildup. Turn the thermostat up and down to make sure that the furnace starts and stops properly. Replace the filter. Schedule your annual professional maintenance. This will improve home energy efficiency, save you money and improve air quality.
  5. Clean the chimney: Clean the chimney to reduce the chance of sparks starting a roof fire. Look for cracks in the chimney that could accidentally cause house fires. Have professionals inspect any gas lines leading to the chimney.

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