The Air Source Heat Pump: One of the Top Sources of Heating For Californians

The Air Source Heat Pump: One of the Top Sources of Heating For Californians

The Air Source Heat Pump: One of the Top Sources of Heating For CaliforniansThe air source heat pump is an excellent choice for meeting the heating needs of Californians. For areas with moderate temperatures, this type of system is ideal, and costs as much as 40 percent less to run during the colder temperatures. But what makes this system so popular in California?

How It Works

The air source heat pump quite simply absorbs heat from one place and transfers it to another place. In colder weather this marvel of modern technology absorbs heat from outside and transfers it into your home to keep your family warm and cozy. In warmer weather months, it absorbs the heat from inside your home and pumps it to the outdoors in order to keep your family nice and cool.

All air contains heat. You may not think of cold air outside as containing any heat to pump into your home, but there is heat energy even in cold air. A heat pump uses compressed liquid refrigerant to absorb heat. When the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat it turns into a gas. The gas is then transferred to the compressor inside your home where it is compressed back into a liquid, releasing the heat that was absorbed. In the summertime this process is simply reversed, and the heat is transferred from inside your home to outside through the same method.

Why Moderate Climates?

Heat pumps are best used in moderate climates. The heat pump does not operate as efficiently in areas that experience sub-freezing temperatures for extended periods of time, so the cost savings experienced in moderate temperatures will not likewise be seen in colder areas. When the temperature falls below 40 degrees a panel of electric resistant coils will kick in to provide the heating in your home. These electric resistant coils are less efficient than your heat pump, which is why this is not a desirable option in colder areas.

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