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Four Factors To Keep In Mind When You're Deciding On A Heat Pump

Heat pumps have become more popular in recent years because homeowners recognize their ability to heat and cool homes efficiently. If you are thinking about changing the comfort system of your home to this type system, here are some things to consider.

A Good Option

Air-source heat pumps are great options for homes in milder climates because they simply transfer the heat that is already in the outside air into your home. While natural gas is typically cheaper, heat pumps make a good choice for all-electric homes or for second stories, where gas may not be available. If your unit is a high-efficiency model, it will also dehumidify the air inside your home much better than a standard central air conditioner would. All of this makes it a great choice for the Pasadena area.

Know the Efficiency Ratings

All new heating and air conditioning systems have a federal Energy Guide label right on the appliance. They have been put through tests that determine the efficiency ratings (SEER and HSPF) of the unit. Energy Star heat pumps are typically rated more efficient than the standard newer models by at least 8 percent and 20 percent more than older models.

Size Matters

Home comfort systems are sized according to the amount of air they will move, which is measured in tons. Your professional installer should determine the size needed for your home, but you can get a good idea by figuring 500 square feet per ton.

Controls and Options

Variable-capacity controls provide the greatest efficiency from heat pumps by coordinating the blower and the compressor with the comfort level requirements throughout the day. You will find options like two-speed compressors, variable-speed and dual-speed motors for outdoor fans and blowers, and desuperheaters that use what would otherwise be wasted heat to heat water for use in the home.

For more information about what heat pumps can do for you, and all the options available, contact the experts at Air-Tro. We are a full-service all-in-one professional HVAC contracting service with 30 years experience in designing, repairing, installation and maintenance of home comfort systems in the Pasadena area.

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