Buying A Furnace: Why Doing It Online Could Cost You

Buying A Furnace: Why Doing It Online Could Cost You

Buying A Furnace: Why Doing It Online Could Cost You If you’re thinking about buying a furnace, shopping online may seem like a smart idea. But before you do, here are several reasons why an online purchase could end up costing you.

Most contractors will not install furnaces purchased online.
Because they cannot be certain of the equipment’s condition, a contractor will not be able to warranty an installation. This, and the fact that they usually don’t make much profit from installations, makes many contractors unwilling to install any online purchases.

Some contractors have decided they will install HVAC equipment purchased online, but will do so at an inflated rate to make up for some of the lost profit. The result is that you could end up paying more for the whole project than you saved from buying online.  Because an incorrectly installed furnace can have dangerous consequences, you should never attempt to install one yourself unless you have the proper training and experience to do so.

It is easy to pick the wrong size furnace.
When buying a furnace, it is important to know what size is right for your home. Expert contractors perform a load calculation to determine which size will be most efficient. You can attempt to perform this calculation yourself, but because an improperly-sized furnace can cost you more on your energy bill and even pose health risks to your family, you should still consult a professional to double-check your work.

The equipment could be damaged.
Most HVAC equipment sold online does not come with a warranty. This means that even if your equipment is broken when it arrives, you might not be eligible for a return or refund.

The equipment could be stolen. Some of the cheap products online are being sold by criminals who purchased the equipment with stolen credit card numbers. Criminals will buy expensive brand-new equipment, then sell it quickly online at an extremely low price. If you do decide on buying a furnace online, make sure it is from a reputable vendor.

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