Have You Put Off Buying A Furnace? Why An End-Of-Heating-Season Purchase Makes Sense

Have You Put Off Buying A Furnace? Why An End-Of-Heating-Season Purchase Makes Sense

Have You Put Off Buying A Furnace? Why An End-Of-Heating-Season Purchase Makes SenseA serious furnace breakdown can be a stressful matter for any homeowner. A mid-winter breakdown can be an urgent matter. If the breakdown happens near the end of heating season, however, you may have options that are not usually available when the weather is still cold. By delaying buying a furnace, you could save a great deal of money while getting better service and a better furnace than you might otherwise be able to find.

The most obvious benefit of buying a new furnace at the end of heating season is that the unit is likely going to be cheaper. With winter coming to an end, HVAC suppliers may be interested in moving existing cold-weather equipment and inventory at a discount to make room for air conditioners and other spring and summer equipment. Equipment and installation will also be cheaper because of simple supply and demand; there is less demand for furnaces at the end of winter than at the beginning of or during the season, so prices are likely to drop.

Better options
By waiting until the end of winter to buy a furnace, you have the luxury of time to make a better choice. You can spend a few extra days or even weeks searching for a good bargain, evaluating different options such as a geothermal heat pump, or finding a high-efficiency unit that will fit your needs perfectly.

Keep in mind that you may have to make an extra effort to keep your home warm during the waning days of winter. You may need additional space heaters, added insulation for your plumbing and more blankets and clothing to keep you and your family warm. A few days of inconvenience, however, will pay off in big dividends when you make a more economical investment in your new heating system.

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