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Forget How Much Your Family Enjoys HVAC, Because We Bet It’s YOUR PET Who Appreciates It the Most.

Comfort Matters, Even for Pets!

Anyone with a cat, dog or other critter knows how important it is to keep our pets safe and comfortable throughout the year. That’s why we’re running a contest just for pet owners this holiday season: Hot Dogs & Cool Cats! Just share your most adorable picture of your pet getting cozy. The winner will receive $500, with an additional $500 going to the Pasadena Humane Society in your name! It’s easy. Just send a photo and fill out a brief application here.

In honor of our contest, we’ve found some of the cutest pictures on the Internet of cool cats, hot dogs and other pets getting comfortable with their owner’s heating and air conditioning systems.

Check them out below!
HVAC, furnace vent

This guy maybe isn’t an HVAC service professional’s best friend, but at least he’s cute.


HVAC, heating and air conditioning

This little guy doesn’t need an HVAC system. He has a sweater.


heating, furnace

Everybody loves a nice, cozy heating vent in the wintertime.


HVAC, air conditioningSome prefer cool breezes.


HVAC, air conditioning

We like to think this pup is checking to see when the filter was last changed.


air filter, ventilation

These guys sure love their condenser!


HVAC, air conditioning

We normally don’t endorse leaving a dog (or any pet) alone in the car, but it sounds like this owner has things under control.

Do you have a cute pet who enjoys his or her air conditioning or furnace? Take a picture and tell us about it. And who knows? If you win, that $500 will keep you and some lucky homeless pets at Pasadena Humane Society even cozier this holiday season.

Get comfortable, with Air-Tro! We’ve been helping San Gabriel with all their heating and air conditioning needs since 1969. Call us today at (626)357-3535.