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Considering Solar? Here’s Your Cheat Sheet for Choosing a System

Take some notes before you buy.solar power, energy savings

The solar market, in a verb, is exploding. Like the desktop computer or the motor vehicle, it’s a technology that’s constantly evolving. However, unlike its digital counterparts that might be easy to replace or upgrade after a year or two, a solar system for your home or office building should last well into the next decade, if not two or three. How, then, to choose the system that lasts beyond the next breakthrough in solar technology without becoming obsolete? After all, who wants a dinosaur on their roof?

Once you’ve decided solar is for you (and if you haven’t, check out our white paper on this new and exciting energy opportunity), the following are some tips to consider as you select a system to meet your needs.

Ask around.

Any reputable HVAC company should be happy to provide you with the names and contact information of their happy customers. Discuss how solar works for them. Do you know any colleagues or neighbors with a system? Talk about it! Word of mouth suggestions and cautions are always useful before you make your purchase.

Look at the fine print.

Is there a manufacturer’s warranty? Most high quality solar systems now come with a 25-year guarantee. That’s long enough to ensure your panels pay for themselves and in fact, make you money over the long term. Anything less may not make as much financial sense.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Look, in today’s competitive marketplace, some people will say anything to make the sale. Solar systems are no different. Cheap installation, cheap equipment, and cheap deals usually are just that. Cheap. Think about the long term when it comes to your new solar system. It’s supposed to be easy and economical over the long term. Don’t risk that promise with subpar products and shady service. You get what you pay for, so buyer beware.

Are Your Panels Certified?

With all the government rebates floating around, it’s critically important to make sure the panels you buy are certified by an independent laboratory and not just the seller’s own tests. Remember, it’s not illegal for anyone to call anything “guaranteed.” You could tell someone their milkshake, their necktie, or their next auto service were all “guaranteed.” However, the real question behind that is “guaranteed to do what?” And what happens if your milkshake, necktie, or auto service doesn’t fulfill that guarantee? Make sure you understand exactly how your panels are tested and whether they are eligible for any rebates before you buy, guaranteed or not.

Mounting system preferences!

Again, check out the details when it comes to your mounting system. Is it wind-proof certified? Is it rated for inclement weather or worse? What happens to your panels in a severe storm? These should not be surprise questions, but information to consider before you move ahead with the final purchase.

Solar is exciting. Indeed, many say it’s the future of utilities both at home and at the office. That said, it’s mission critical to stay alert and aware before making this significant investment in your energy future.

Check out our white paper, “What’s Your Solar IQ? Solar Power for Commercial Business Owners” solar power hvac.

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