AC And Furnace Repair Los Angeles: How to Tell if Your Home Thermostat is Running into Problems

AC And Furnace Repair Los Angeles: How to Tell if Your Home Thermostat is Running into Problems

AC And Furnace Repair Los AngelesYour home thermostat is a crucial part of your heating and air conditioning system (HVAC). Although thermostats are usually reliable, they can still run into some problems.

Your thermostat is designed to start your furnace and A/C when the temperature rises above or drops below the temperature you’ve selected. If this doesn’t happen, it doesn’t necessarily mean your HVAC unit needs repair, it could be your thermostat.

Here’s how to tell if your home thermostat is running into problems:

  • Depending on the season, raise or lower the thermostat setting by 5 degrees. Wait a couple of minutes to see if your HVAC system kicks on. If it does, your thermostat is working fine.
  • If not, verify that it’s set for the appropriate action. It should be set on ‘heat’ in the winter and ‘cool’ during the summer. If you have a separate control for the fan, set it to auto.
  • If your HVAC system is still not operating, check the breakers of your system. If they have been thrown, try turning them back on. If they flip again, call a licensed HVAC technician.
  • Turn off the breakers if the issue could still be thermostat-related. Gently pry the cover from your thermostat and check for loose wires or contact screws.
  • If your problem is with heating, undo the red and white wires. If you’re working with an A/C, work with the red and green wires. Twist the appropriate pair together, ensuring they’re not touching any other metal components. Then, turn the breaker back on. If the appropriate system works, your thermostat is faulty. If not, you have a larger issue that should be inspected by a licensed HVAC technician.

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