Heads Up — That Noisy Furnace Needs Attention

Heads Up — That Noisy Furnace Needs Attention

If you have a noisy furnace, it could be a sign of problems with the unit. Furnace noises often indicate that there is a problem with the system that needs correction right away. If you allow your furnace to operate noisily for several weeks or months, you may end up having to replace the furnace much sooner than you otherwise would. An improperly-operating furnace will also require more energy, which leads to higher utility bills.

If you hear any of the following sounds, don’t delay — fix the problems as soon as possible.

  • Grinding and squeaking: If your furnace grinds and squeaks, it is likely there is a problem with the belt. The belt may be too small, or it may be worn or too loose. Any of these belt problems can lead to serious problems down the road. Replace the belt with a properly-sized belt as soon as possible.
  • Pops or booms: If your furnace is making a loud booming sound when it turns on, it is likely that your furnace burners are dirty. Have a professional clean the sensor to eliminate this problem.
  • Hisses or clicks: These noises can indicate that your furnace flame sensor is dirty. Have a professional technician clean the flame sensor.
  • Bangs or pops in the ductwork: If your ductwork is making sounds, it may not be attached or anchored firmly enough to the furnace. Have a professional technician tighten the joint between the ducts and furnace to prevent this sound from occurring. You can also add additional insulation to the ducts which can cut back on duct noise.

If you have a noisy furnace, contact us at Air-Tro for more information. We can service your furnace to extend its life and improve the energy-efficiency of your home.

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