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Nothing to Sneeze At — Tips on Eliminating Dust in Your Home

Nothing to Sneeze At — Tips on Eliminating Dust in Your Home

Nothing to Sneeze At -- Tips on Eliminating Dust in Your HomeKeep the sneezing to a minimum and enjoy a higher quality of life by eliminating the dust in your Pasadena home. Dust can enter your home many ways, but you can get rid of or reduce it.

Take a look at these tips on eliminating dust from your home—so you can breathe easy again:

  • Take off your shoes when you come in. It sounds like a small change, but your shoes are dust collectors. If you wear them in your home, you’ll deposit the dust, dirt and debris your shoes have collected into your home—so take them off at the door.
  • Vacuum regularly and change out your vacuum bags when they’re full. If you have a bagless vacuum, you need to clean it with compressed air often to get all the dust out.
  • Although you clean the lint off your dryer filter, have you ever had the vent duct cleaned? A dirty dryer vent duct needs to be cleaned once a year. Double-check the vent duct is intact and securely connected to your dryer, and that it vents outside your home before cleaning.
  • If you’ve noticed mice or other vermin in your home, or your heater and A/C filters are more dirty than they should be, consider having your ducts cleaned. Mice can live in your ducts and leave their droppings and dander—which you breathe in. After taking care of any pests, have your ducts cleaned by a professional.
  • Your home’s ductwork, even if it’s not dirty, can still recirculate dust in your home. Examine the ducts for damage and air leaks. Ducts should be mechanically attached to each other with screws and then covered with mesh and putty. If they’re not, call a professional to evaluate and fix the problems.
  • Finally, the most important of our tips on eliminating dust in your home, change the air filter for your heater and A/C monthly (or according to the manufacturer’s specifications). A dirty filter doesn’t filter; it clogs up your HVAC system and makes your equipment work harder.

If you’re tired of dealing with your dusty home, contact Air-Tro in Pasadena.

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