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Insulation Myths Monrovia Homeowners Need to Avoid

Insulation Myths Monrovia Homeowners Need to Avoid

Insulation Myths Monrovia Homeowners Need to AvoidMyths are great for reading material or movies, but home efficiency myths, on the other hand, should be stamped out before they spread to your pocketbook. Following are common insulation myths to be aware of when assessing your insulation.

Paper-Based Cellulose Insulation Can Cause Fires

Cellulose is produced from paper pulp, but the insulation is chemically treated to prevent combustion. Additionally, cellulose doesn’t produce smoke, which is the cause of many injuries and fatalities during fires rather than the fire itself. Cellulose also offers superior sound dampening to other insulation materials.

There’s No Practical Way to Install Insulation Inside Existing Walls

Spray-in foam insulation shatters this myth. Your HVAC technician will drill a few holes in the exterior walls of your home and pump in the foam. The foam expands to fill the smallest spaces inside the wall’s interior. Installation is generally completed in a few hours.

Spray-In Foam Insulation Also Stops Air Leakage

This myth really does homeowners a disservice. Yes, spray-in foam helps minimize air leaks through walls, but you’ve also got the home’s exterior materials and drywall. Air doesn’t magically flow through these solid materials. Air leaks most commonly occur around windows and door trim, the attic hatch, fireplace dampers and the door and shared walls to attached garages.

Install More Insulation in the Attic and You’re Good to Go

Attic insulation in our Monrovia area should be at least R-19 and as high as R-30, according to Energy Star. Don’t stop there. Wall insulation should be installed up to R-11, and floors over ventilated crawl spaces or unheated areas should be sealed with a vapor barrier.

Squeeze Fiberglass Insulation Into Small Holes and Spaces

Fiberglass insulation prevents heat movement by trapping air in the loosely woven glass fibers. If the fiberglass is compressed, it loses its R-value. Cut pieces to form or use a can of spray-in foam for small areas.

Maximize your home insulation investment by doing business with a reputable contractor who knows insulation myths from insulation facts. Contact Air-Tro Inc. for the best service in Monrovia and greater Los Angeles.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater Monrovia, California area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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