Autumn Is Just Around The Corner — Call Your HVAC Specialist For Your Fall Tune-Up

Autumn Is Just Around The Corner — Call Your HVAC Specialist For Your Fall Tune-Up

Just as you wouldn’t start out on a long road trip without an oil change, you don’t want to begin the winter with an unchecked heating system. Your heating equipment worked hard last winter. It may have some problems that could spell trouble for you as the cold weather approaches. Having your equipment checked now heads off any future problems..

Calling on an HVAC technician is just a smart plan. If you don’t have problems, you’ll know you’re ready. If you do, they’re caught before it’s 28 degrees outside and your equipment goes out. Whether you have a heat pump or furnace, now’s the time to have it checked. It’s a brief visit and the HVAC technician can give you peace of mind. Here’s the things that should be checked before the chill of winter approaches.

  • A heat pump should have the belts, filters and refrigerant levels checked. Also, any moving parts should be lubricated. A wiring inspection can reveal any connections that may have come loose as well. If any of the coils need cleaning, your HVAC technician can also perform that operation. After a quick examination, you know your heat pump is ready and you have a feeling of security about the upcoming season.
  • Gas or oil furnaces usually can be checked quickly. The HVAC pro will check the flue for any soot buildup, oil the circulating fan, check any belts and change the filter. The burner may need adjusting to ensure the right oxygen-to-fuel ratio. If this is out of whack, you are using more fuel than you should and the technician can bring it to a balance that saves you on energy costs. Your service technician will also check the ducts and heat exchanger for any leaks or problems.

Once you’ve had a service check, you know there will be no problems ahead. Contact us at Air-Tro before time slips away. We can give you a service check to head off any problems with your system and give you peace of mind going into the cold weather season. Call on us for all you home comfort needs.

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