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HVAC Fall Maintenance in Monrovia: Why It’s Important to Think of It Now

HVAC Fall Maintenance in Monrovia: Why It’s Important to Think of It Now

HVAC Fall Maintenance in MonroviaIt’s about to be fall again in Monrovia, and it’s time to schedule your home’s HVAC fall maintenance inspection. Having a heating system that effectively operates at its peak efficiency is essential to maintaining a comfortable home during the chillier fall and winter weather. To do so, it’s important to schedule autumn maintenance with your local California HVAC contractor.

The following are just a few of the basic inspections and service tasks an HVAC technician will perform during a fall maintenance visit:

  • A check of your thermostat settings. One of the most cost-efficient tools you can add to your home’s heating and cooling system is a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to easily set your home’s temperatures for comfort while you’re home and for energy savings when you’re not. A technician will check to be sure these settings are properly programmed and your HVAC equipment is correctly responding.
  • Checking system controls. In addition to inspecting your thermostat’s programming settings, your home technician will also check to be sure your heating equipment properly responds to thermostat controls that initiate its cycling on and off.
  • A check of electrical components. Your HVAC technician will also test your system’s electrical voltage and check all of its necessary electrical connections. This may include safely repairing or replacing any loose, broken, or disconnected wiring or connections.
  • A check of the condensate drain. A condensate drain that can’t properly drain can lead to massive equipment problems, including automatic shutoffs. Your technician will troubleshoot any potential clogs or obstructions, and clear out any mold or bacteria growth.
  • An inspection and cleaning or replacing of the system’s air filter. It’s important to change your heating equipment’s filter every month during heavy-use seasons, and every three months during moderate-use seasons. Your technician should perform this task during their fall maintenance visit, but he or she can also walk you through the process for in between maintenance.

For more information about heating, or to schedule fall maintenance for your home, contact your local experts at Air-Tro Inc., keeping California homeowners and businesses comfortable since 1969.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater Monrovia, California area about HVAC fall maintenance options as well as about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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