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The Programmable Thermostat: A Smart Choice

The Programmable Thermostat: A Smart ChoiceYou’re probably ready for the summer so you can get outside and soak up that California sun. This year, enjoy the weather even more by installing a smart programmable thermostat so you can save money while you’re out.

Smart thermostats are the new generation of programmable thermostats. They have an array of features that make it easier than ever to slash your energy usage and utility bills. Previous programmable models were useful but they are severely limited when compared to these new models.

Consider some of the new features and benefits:

  • Price tracking – Utility companies charge peak hour rates when energy is in high demand. Smart technology can track these price changes and cut down on usage during those hours. The thermostat can even go as far as turning off the water heater or other appliances. You can manually override any of the adjustments.
  • Remote access – They also come with an application for smartphones and a web interface so you can control and monitor your system from anywhere. It’s perfect if you get stuck at work or forget to change the temperature when you leave.
  • Easy setup – These programmable thermostats have a clear, well-organized touchscreen display that makes it remarkably easy to understand your system and program it to maximize efficiency.
  • System maintenance – The internet connection is also used to keep up with your equipment maintenance schedule and to remind you when it is time for service. This keeps your equipment operating at peak performance, lowering your household energy consumption and helping you avoid costly breakdowns.

There are additional features that some higher-end smart thermostats have, so do some research to determine which model will be the best for your equipment and needs. You can start by getting the make and model for your heating and cooling equipment. Then, call an expert to see if they recommend a certain thermostat. Once you decide on a model, make sure it is professionally installed so all of the features work perfectly.

For expert programmable thermostat advice and installation, contact Air-Tro Heating & Air Conditioning. With over 40 years of service to greater Pasadena-area residents, we have the knowledge to help you save.

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