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It Could Be a Crazy Thermostat: Troubleshooting Temperature Regulation Problems in Your Home

Relax; Weird Furnace Issues Could Just Be From an Even Weirder Thermostat

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“Why is that darn heat coming on again?”

Is your house too hot or too cold a lot of the time, no matter what temperature at which you set your thermostat? Do you notice your furnace turning on and off more often than it used to? If you’ve already replaced your furnace filter, and checked for faulty hoses, it could simply be your thermostat. As the primary communication device between you and your heating equipment, thermostats are sensitive to dust and debris buildup, external temperature problems, and even wiring issues. A quick review of some of the more common things that can go wrong, and their solutions may save you time and money.

Battery Failure

It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget about the simple stuff sometimes. If your thermostat isn’t working and the display doesn’t come on, you may just have some plain old dead batteries. Change them with AA lithium batteries for best results. Does that not work? Flip the power switch to ensure it’s on. Finally, check the circuit breaker to make sure you haven’t blown a fuse.

One Part Is Not Like the Other

Is your new thermostat just not functioning properly? Remember, it’s critically important to make sure your thermostat is matched correctly to the furnace equipment you already have. System capability and capacity require specific thermostat types, especially in the low voltage models used in most homes. If you have a thermostat that doesn’t align with the unit it’s supposed to work with, you risk not only malfunction but also failure of the whole HVAC system. Moral of the story? Get a licensed, certified HVAC consultant to install your equipment. Cheaply made products and poorly trained installers mean trouble.

You Want It Mean and Clean

Quite simply, a clean thermostat functions better than a dirty one. If your thermostat is clogged with dust, it may result in inconsistent temperatures and poor furnace performance. The good news? It’s easy to clean. Remove the cover plate and wipe all surfaces including the bimetallic coil. Products like “Dust Off” are extremely helpful. Try adjusting your thermostat to the lowest possible setting, cleaning, and then setting the thermostat to high, and cleaning once more.

Wired for Greatness

Bad wiring is another common problem when it comes to a malfunctioning thermostat. It can result in interruptions in HVAC functioning, as power comes and goes to the thermostat. However, unless you’re an HVAC technician yourself, this is not a problem easily or safely addressed by your average (or even exceptionally above average) homeowner. Don’t be a hero! It’s not worth the risk your home, health and safety to try fixing a loose or faulty wire. It’s time to call in a professional.

Thermostat Placement Is Key

Does your furnace or air conditioning go on at the wrong times? The thermostat may be recording inaccurate temperatures. Frequently a thermostat placed by a window, exposed to outdoor air, or even long periods of direct sunlight can give a faulty reading. Drafts from behind your thermostat can also skew temps and result in malfunctions. Make sure yours is placed as close to a return as possible, and far away from fireplaces, windows, and outside doors.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to call the experts at Air-Tro for some answers. After all, your indoor comfort is our priority. Unlike a faulty thermostat, we don’t run hot and cold!

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