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Need Better Ventilation in Your Monrovia Home? 4 Options

Need Better Ventilation in Your Monrovia Home? 4 OptionsIf the air in your Monrovia home constantly seems stuffy or stale, if odors seem to linger, or if you have persistent allergies, it is possible that your home could use a whole-house ventilation system. There are four main types of systems which vary in price, operation and climate suitability:

Exhaust Ventilation System: Similar to the exhaust fan in your bathroom, this type of system sucks the old air out of your home with a fan, through air ducts mounted in each bedroom and other commonly-used rooms. Passive vents and leaks in your home’s exterior allow fresh outdoor air to be drawn in. These systems cost less than others and are easy to install. They tend to work the best in cold climates.

Supply Ventilation System: In this type of system, outdoor air is drawn in through a fan and distributed through the ductwork into each room, displacing the old air, which exits through passive vents and leaks in the home’s outer envelope. Like the exhaust system, the supply system is inexpensive, but it allows easier filtering of the air and better control over the air flow. By creating a positive pressure, pollutants are less likely to enter the house and combustion devices will not back-draft.

Balanced Ventilation System: This system combines an exhaust system with a supply system, keeping a constant air pressure within the home. It is good for all climates, but it is more expensive than single-function systems.

Energy Recovery Ventilation System: This is similar to the balanced system, but it is much more expensive because it uses heat exchangers to transfer heat from the exhaust air into the incoming air, or vice-versa, eliminating the heating or cooling energy that can be lost by letting conditioned air exit the building.

Whichever system you choose, make sure is quiet, that the controls are easy to reach and that it has good air flow to each room, with proper filtering to maintain your home’s air quality. If you need help choosing a system, contact our team at Air-Tro, Inc. We serve Pasadena, Monrovia and many of the surrounding areas.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater Monrovia, California area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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