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An Easy Guide To Duct Sealing

An Easy Guide To Duct Sealing

An Easy Guide To Duct SealingIn your forced-air heating or cooling system, the ducts are the extensive network of large metal pipes that carry conditioned air from your main HVAC unit to rooms and other areas inside your house. Ductwork systems, however, can easily develop air and energy leaks that can drive your utility bills up, reduce HVAC efficiency or cause dangerous gases to leak back into your home. A thorough professional duct sealing will prevent these problems and help keep your indoor environment comfortable and safe.

Be aware of any of the following five signs of leaky ducts:

  • Unexpectedly high heating or cooling bills that can’t be explained by deliberate increased usage or outdoor temperatures
  • Difficulty heating or cooling particular rooms or areas
  • Rooms with uncomfortable conditions, such as stuffiness, too much or too little heating or cooling, or increased amounts of airborne dust and particles
  • Visible damage or kinks to any part of the ductwork system
  • Ducts installed in unconditioned or minimally conditioned areas, such as crawl spaces, unfinished basements or attics, or garages

If you notice signs of leaky ductwork, the best course of action is to contact your local trusted HVAC contractor for a professional ductwork inspection and sealing. Your HVAC technician should:

  • Inspect the entire length of your ductwork system for damage and possible leaks
  • Repair damage, reconnect loose sections and straighten out kinked ducts
  • Make sure all ductwork sections fit together tightly, especially at elbows and branches
  • Ensure that any holes, cracks or other openings are sealed
  • Seal connections between sections with mastic, a specialized sealant, or with metal tape
  • Check all registers and vents to ensure a secure connection to duct pipes
  • Measure supply and return airflow for balance
  • Make sure no harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, are coming back into your home through the ducts

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