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Living with Pets And HVAC too: What You Need to Know

Happy Pets, Happy Owners, Happy HVAC Technicians

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“When’s the last time you changed your air filter?”

We’re big pet people here at Air-Tro. Dogs, cats, and even the occasional iguana are some of the animals who enjoy living in total indoor comfort with the Air-Tro professional they call “Mom,” “Dad,” or “Hey, you with the cat food can.” Nevertheless, there are some special precautions and important steps to take as a pet owner to ensure your HVAC system works safely and properly. After all, in the hot summers of the San Gabriel Valley, nobody likes cool, clean air more than your four legged (or finned) special buddy.

Air Filters Matter

From making sure you change the air conditioning filters more frequently than the six month-to-a-year routine followed by your neighbors without pets, to having your Air-Tro consultant do a thorough inspection and cleaning of the furnace heat exchanger at least once a year, regular HVAC maintenance is essential for homeowners with pets. Dander and fur does accumulate, and staying on top of a cleaning schedule makes a huge difference.

Do You Have to Clean Your Air Ducts?

As we’ve mentioned before in this very space, there’s a huge scam afoot in most areas of the United States, and it’s called “Air Duct Cleaning Services.” Take it from us: pay someone to paint your curb instead! Usually expensive, you’re also risking someone disconnecting or dislodging important equipment, not to mention tearing a wall.

Remember, the Environmental Protection Agency has stated that there’s no reason to clean your ducts (and no evidence of any hazard associated with dust from your air ducts) unless you have visible, substantial mold growth on your heating and cooling system. In other words, when it comes to duct cleaning, moisture is the issue, not dry dust.

Protecting HVAC from Your Pets, and Vice Versa

It almost goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway), that all exposed wiring should be kept far away from dogs, cats, or inquisitive reptiles. You also should ensure your condenser unit has been carefully enclosed in its own outside housing, impenetrable from curious claws or puppy mouths.

Without an appropriate, protective shelter, the fins of a condenser can easily become damaged or broken. Of course, it’s not good to pee on it either, but that’s a caveat for both homeowner and house pet….

Air Purifiers: Options to Consider

Recent technology advancements have made air purifiers a realistic, effective option for many allergy and respiratory illness sufferers when installing a new HVAC system or simply updating their current equipment. In fact, air filtration is frequently recommended by pulmonologists and allergy specialists as a significant part of any approach to maintaining the cleanest indoor air possible in your home. Pet owners concerned about dander and asthma should definitely schedule a consultation with their HVAC specialist to discuss ways to mitigate pollutants safely, and effectively.

Love your pets but enjoy breathing easy, too? We can help you maximize your indoor air quality with regular HVAC maintenance and the best air filtration equipment on the market today. Call Air-Tro today to find out more. Woof! (626) 357-3535.