Take it From Eisenhower: The Cheaper HVAC Deal Is Not Always the Least Expensive

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Cool Guy President Eisenhower

Why Cheap HVAC Repairs Can Cost You Money

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “There is no victory at bargain basement prices.” Of course, he was referring to the enormous transition from global war to rebuilding the world’s economy and infrastructure, but hey, we’re going to reference it with respect to heating and air conditioning, too.

Many people ask us why HVAC repair people and indeed, installers are available at such different price points. While licensed contractors like Air-Tro make every effort to give you the lowest rates possible on every job we do, we also have no illusions that you can’t get the work done cheaper, sometimes much cheaper, by an unlicensed handyman or “friend of a friend.”

Why don’t we worry about these guys or gals undercutting us?

The honest answer?

Because a significant part of our business comes from repairing or in fact, re-doing what “the cheap folks” put in, installed, or repaired in the first place. After all, cheap HVAC is usually only cheap until you get your next energy bill.

Indeed, it’s anything but a bargain when you realize that the ductwork, compressor, and other equipment that you had installed or repaired for pennies on the dollar is either put together incorrectly, or with outdated, shoddy equipment that never should have been used at all. The truth is that “low budget” HVAC can and does cost a fortune in utility and repair bills.

Here’s the scoop. With environmental pollution on everyone’s mind in Southern California, the state government is very involved in our industry. Working hand in hand with HVAC professionals in nonprofits like the Institute for Heating and Air Conditioning, officials are constantly implementing new standards to reduce waste, decrease inefficiency and in turn, lower your energy bills. We’re constantly introducing better equipment and processes for how we repair, install, and troubleshoot existing systems. Our employees aren’t just casual workers, but experts trained in the latest technologies, laws, and environmental standards necessary to ensure your home or office is utilizing the cleanest, most efficient cooling and heating mechanisms possible.

Your local handyman or “friend of a friend” might be able to put together two pieces of metal, or haul in a condenser. Nevertheless, there’s simply no way they can stay ahead of the best standards and practices of our industry. They’re about fix it and forget it…moving on to the next job before you realize you’ve been sold a lemon. That’s not to say all handymen are dishonest. Of course not! But like a friend who offers a bandage might be well meaning, they just don’t have the knowledge a medical professional has to evaluate that swollen cut on your hand.

At Air-Tro, we stand behind everything we do. And guess what? We love bargains too!  No one likes to pay extra money when they don’t have to. But heads up: don’t waste your hard earned cash on systems that aren’t installed correctly, or repairs that aren’t effective beyond the next 2 weeks. It’s not saving you anything to get bad equipment, incorrectly installed, or poorly repaired. Instead, get a company who will charge you a fair price for work well done, the first time.

By all means, shop around. Read reviews. Call and talk to consultants before scheduling an appointment. But make sure to choose a licensed, insured HVAC company to handle your repairs, maintenance, and comfort system purchases. It will cost you less in the long run….and give you peace of mind.


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