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Lower Your Energy Bills with Improved Air Conditioner Efficiency

Now’s the Time to Streamline Your HVAC Usage to Minimize Cost

air conditioning efficiency, HVAC
Efficient HVAC means lower bills and more savings!

With extreme temperatures come extreme utility bills. Was there a superhero who said that? So maybe there isn’t a Captain HVAC, but there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of a few insider tips to keep your air conditioning running at peak performance during any summer heat wave. You’ll save real money with lowered utility bills and enjoy enhanced indoor comfort, too. Implementing the following suggestions only takes a few minutes, and you can make your HVAC system far more cost effective.

Do a Quick HVAC Walkabout

Before you do anything else, take a look at your outside HVAC unit. Is it covered in debris, foliage or vines? If so, now is the time to clean it up! There should be nothing on top of or around the air conditioning unit, potentially blocking airflow or interfering with its operation. A clogged outdoor unit can force your whole system to work harder to keep things cool. Debris can damage parts and require further HVAC maintenance, if not total replacement, sooner than otherwise necessary.

Check Your Indoor Vents

Check your vents for dust, debris and blockage. In a busy family, it’s easy to let stuff get spread out, and sometimes that means vents get blocked. Whether it’s extra hair from Fluffy’s shedding or an armchair pushed up against the wall, the fact is that these simple issues can prevent your HVAC system from working efficiently, or at all. Don’t waste money putting your air conditioner into overdrive. Clean your indoor vents with a vacuum if necessary, and check to make sure furniture, boxes or other household detritus does not block airflow.

Go Easy on Your Thermostat

Don’t turn your air conditioning on and off on a daily basis. Instead of saving money by turning the system off every time you leave the house, you’re running up your energy bills by forcing the air conditioner to work harder when you do turn it back on. Keep the thermostat relatively stable throughout the day and evening. Your air conditioner won’t have do as much, once it’s established a baseline temperature in your home. In turn, you can enjoy more consistent indoor comfort too. Make it a point to only adjust your thermostat by 7-8 degrees in any 24-hour period.

Avoid Turning on the Oven or the Dryer During the Hottest Part of the Day

Did you know your HVAC system has to work harder when you use these appliances? When it’s really hot outside, avoid generating even more hot air inside your home. In turn, your air conditioner will run more efficiently during the heat of the day.

Look, we know summer weather can drive anyone crazy. Just don’t let your HVAC system drain your wallet at the same time. A few simple changes can save you from sweating, literally or figuratively, when the energy bill arrives.


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