Uneven Cooling? A Zoning System Can Take Care Of That

Uneven Cooling? A Zoning System Can Take Care Of ThatWhen uneven cooling (and heating) is a problem in your home, keeping everyone comfortable is challenging. It burdens your air-conditioning system and wastes energy, and it quickly becomes an unavoidable nuisance. Ideally, each room or area of your home should be conditioned to the desired temperature. With a zoning system, you can make that happen–and save energy.

The typical heating and cooling system has one thermostat that takes temperature readings in only one area of your home. Zoning systems utilize a network of thermostats strategically located throughout your home, which allows you to control heating and cooling for each zone (one or more rooms). You control the temperature settings for each thermostat at a central panel. Automatic dampers are located inside the ducts to control air flow in each zone, providing personalized heating and cooling throughout your home.

Zoning systems are particularly advantageous for homes with any of these features:

  • More than one level
  • High ceilings and/or lofts
  • Orientation to sun or shade often causes temperature fluctuations through the day
  • Finished basements or attic spaces that are difficult to heat and cool evenly
  • Sprawling floor plans
  • Household occupants with different temperature preferences

Before installing a zoning system, you should ensure that your home is thoroughly sealed and insulated. This will immediately provide increased comfort and greater energy efficiency, and it will ensure accurate airflow calculations when installing a zoning system. Be sure to:

  • Seal windows with caulk
  • Install weatherstripping around doors
  • Inspect your ducts for leaks, loose connections and damage
  • Make sure there are no obstructions to air-supply registers and return grilles

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