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Upgrading to a Zoning System Can Give You More Control Over Your Pasadena Home

Upgrading to a Zoning System Can Give You More Control Over Your Pasadena Home

Upgrading to a Zoning System Can Give You More Control Over Your Pasadena HomeComfort problems in your Pasadena home may not be directly attributed to an inefficient air conditioner or furnace. In fact, problems inherent in the home’s design may make efficient heating and cooling nearly impossible—even with a high-efficiency HVAC system in place. A zoning system addresses challenging home design features that can lead to uneven heating and cooling in the home, and it will boost the efficiency and life span of your existing HVAC system.

No matter how efficiently your air conditioner and furnace operate, if you have any of these features in your home, you’re likely to experience hot and cold zones:

  • Two levels
  • Large space like a great room
  • A room with a vaulted ceiling
  • Remodeled spaces above a garage or in an attic
  • Rooms with large windows
  • An area of the home constructed over a concrete slab
  • A rambling home design plan that extends out into multiple directions

It’s helpful to learn how some of these design features impact heating/cooling. In homes with two floors, rising heat causes comfort problems. In summer, for instance, the upper floor will always be hotter than the first floor, and therefore require more cooling to remain comfortable. If you crank up the A/C, however, the first floor would become frigid.

A similar process occurs in rooms with large window expanses. Heat accesses the home through the window panes, raising the cooling load in that space; however, other rooms in the home with standard-size windows will have a lower cooling load. A single HVAC system and ductwork servicing rooms with differing loads can’t meet the demand.

Employing a zoning system resolves these problems. Working with your contractor, you’ll group your home into zones with similar heating/cooling loads. Then, the contractor will install dampers in the ducts, which are controlled by dedicated thermostats. You can then set the thermostat in each space, and the dampers will open and close to deliver just enough cooled and heated air to meet the load in that space.

For help installing a zoning system in your home in greater Pasadena, contact Air-Tro today! We’re happy to help resolve your comfort problems — once and for all.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Pasadena, California area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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