One Room Too Warm? Another Room Too Cool? With A Zoning System, Everything’s Just Right

One Room Too Warm? Another Room Too Cool? With A Zoning System, Everything’s Just Right

Zoning systems allow you have an increased amount of control over how you feel in your home.  Similar to how light switches give you the ability to control your home’s lighting, zoning systems let you independently control the temperature of different zones throughout your house.

In a typical air system, the ideal temperature for the entire house is set using a single thermostat.  Zoning systems use several different thermostats, with each one controlling a different part of the house.  Somebody in one zone can change the temperature where they are without worrying about bothering occupants elsewhere.  This means that there is no more “battle of the thermostat,” with people arguing over where the thermostat should be set.

This is more efficient because the goal of trying to attain one steady temperature throughout an entire house is pretty unrealistic.  There are features found in many homes that naturally make this hard to achieve.  One example is just the fact that heat will naturally rise, making second stories warmer than first floors almost all the time.  Also, large windows or glass expanses allow for more heat to transfer, creating warm or cool patches in various parts of the house.

Zoning systems also let you more closely control how much energy you are using.  You can set frequently unoccupied zones to an energy-saving setting so that you aren’t paying to keep an empty room air conditioned.  This will help reduce the wear and tear your HVAC system gets and help it last longer.

An HVAC specialist will help you figure out what zoning strategy to use.  He or she will use your help to determine which rooms are used less than others and what architectural features may hinder proper operation.  The actual installation is a fairly simple process: It typically requires only thermostats, a control panel, dampers and some minor ductwork modification.

If you have been having problems creating a stable temperature throughout your home, a zoning system could be the solution you are looking for.  Contact Air-Tro Inc. today to find out more.  We have been serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1969.

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