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Air-Tro’s Hot Dogs & Cool Cats Pet Photo Contest Benefits Pasadena Humane Society

(left to right) First Place Contest Winner Alison Flores; Rafael A. Hernandez, Pasadena Humane Society; Bob Helbing, Air-Tro

Say Hello to Monrovia’s Newest Superstar: Raider the Cat

The results are in! Local resident Alison Flores and her cool cat Raider won the 2017 Air-Tro Hot Dogs & Cool Cats Pet Photo Contest. Alison is a committed pet owner and cares deeply about animal welfare. In fact, she is pictured above holding a photograph of “Nano,” a beloved cat saved by Tiny Kittens, a feline rescue in which Alison is very active. Unfortunately, “Nano” was too tiny to survive. Alison requested her $500 donation from Air-Tro be made in his memory to the Pasadena Humane Society.

In addition to the charitable donation, Alison also received a $500 OSH gift certificate.

Second, Third Place Winners Also Adorable

At Air-Tro our job is to keep Californians comfortable and we know that pets want comfort too. We had asked readers to share their cutest, most adorable photo of their comfy pet for a chance to win.

The contest itself was a fun one. All the submissions were incredibly cute. In fact, we’d venture to say that Southern California residents may have the most attractive pets anywhere. Cindy Rosas, Second Place Winner, took home a $100 gift certificate to OSH Hardware for her submission, while Third Place and a $50 OSH Hardware gift card was claimed by Tom Fielding, whose furry friends Frankie and Remi demonstrated their Southern California solar savvy with fashionable sunglasses and warm canine smiles.

Thank you to all who participated.

Remember, with the weather prone to extremes here in Southern California, pets need a comfortable environment too. No one, not even dogs and cats, do well in sizzling heat, rain or cold. Pets like HVAC too, and can live longer, happier lives when they can enjoy pet-safe temperatures. Always ensure your furry or feathered friend has access to clean water, shade, or a cool spot near the indoor AC vents come springtime.

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Hot Dogs & Cool Cats Contest Submissions