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5 Air Duct Cleaning Tips for Your Monrovia Home

5 Air Duct Cleaning Tips for Your Monrovia Home

5 Air Duct Cleaning Tips for Your Monrovia HomeYour air ducts are out of sight, but they shouldn’t be out of mind. Ducts, which need to be airtight, don’t always stay that way. When leaks occur, dirt can make its way into your system, as can rodents, insects, moisture and mold. To help you assess whether it’s time to clean your ductwork, here are some air duct cleaning tips to help guide you:

Mold in Your Ducts? 

Mold is spread by spores, but needs moisture to thrive. Moisture can get in your ducts if you have holes, gaps or cracks, or if your duct sections come apart at the seams. You might see evidence of mold if you examine your ducts, or you might smell a musty odor that indicates mold.

You don’t want mold spores dispersed through your home via your HVAC system, as mold can be harmful to your health. If your ducts are insulated, mold can also inhabit the insulation, in which case it will need to be replaced.


Obstructions may be present in your ductwork, either from dirt entering through holes or from insect and rodent infestations. These obstructions can slow down your airflow, causing your system to work harder, and perhaps resulting in unpleasant odors and dirt particles being distributed throughout your home.

Hire a Pro

The best course of action, if you suspect mold, dirt or vermin in your ducts, is to hire a professional duct cleaner. A pro will have the right equipment and expertise to do a better job of cleaning your ducts than you can.


When you get your estimate for the duct cleaning, plan to repair the damage that caused the problem and correct the condition.

Who to Call?

To find a reputable duct cleaner, call the Better Business Bureau, study online reviews of duct cleaning businesses, or talk to friends who’ve had their ducts cleaned. Get an estimate first, and ask about any guarantees.

For more air duct cleaning tips, contact Air-Tro Inc. in Monrovia. We’ve been keeping California homeowners comfortable since 1969.

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