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HVAC Pasadena: Got Bent HVAC Fins? Straighten Them Out!

HVAC Pasadena: Got Bent HVAC Fins? Straighten Them Out!


Your air conditioner’s indoor evaporator coil works as a heat exchanger. Refrigerant inside the coil evaporates as heat is absorbed from the air passing through the system. These coils have fins that help the heat exchange process. However, HVAC fins can sometimes get bent during maintenance, blocking airflow.

Got Bent HVAC Fins? Straighten Them Out!The other half of split system air conditioners, the condenser, is located outside and has fins as well. The purpose of the condenser coil is to release heat from the refrigerant. Likewise, the condenser coil fins play an important part in this process. These fins can bend from pressure washing, hail, tree debris, careless weed eating procedures, twigs and rocks.

Although it’s best to call an HVAC pro when your HVAC fins are bent, here’s a brief guide on how the job is done.

Guide for Straightening HVAC Fins

  • First, shut off the power to your air conditioner. Then, you should remove the panel to the indoor unit and the wire grille to the outdoor unit.
  • Next, remove the sheet metal screws, so you can lift off the outdoor unit’s fan and grille. Then, remove the evaporator coil’s front cover plate.
  • comb to fix bent hvac fins
    condenser fin straightener

    Fin tools are sold with interchangeable heads that can comb and straighten evaporator and condenser coils. You’ll need to match the heads with how many fins per inch are found in your system.

  • Start at the bottom of the condenser fins and move carefully upward to straighten them. With the evaporator fins, use the fin comb to straighten the coils after a cleaning, as they can sometimes bend by brushing. The fin comb also helps remove hard-to-get-at dirt.

Ask your service pro to check the fins when he or she is performing regular maintenance. In case the technician doesn’t have the right comb for your system, you can purchase a fin comb before the maintenance visit. They are relatively inexpensive.

For more information on HVAC fins, contact Air-Tro Inc. We’ve been providing our Pasadena customers with top service since 1969.

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