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Ductwork Los Angeles: How to Design and Size Ducts for an HVAC System

Ductwork Los Angeles: How to Design and Size Ducts for an HVAC System

How to Design and Size Ducts for an HVAC SystemDuctwork systems provide a channel for airflow in your home. Return ducts carry air to be heated or cooled, while supply ducts deliver conditioned air to your living space. To effectively save energy in your Los Angeles home, it’s necessary to properly design and size ducts when retrofitting and adding rooms.

This is a job for your HVAC contractor, but you can save installation costs by providing duct measurements, as well as heating and cooling output numbers.

Sizing Ducts for an HVAC System

First, you’ll need a notepad to write down all your measurements, as well as appropriate clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts and pants, goggles and a respirator. The first step is to write down the manufacturer name, brand and model number of your heating and cooling unit. The output capacity will be given in BTUs.

Next, measure each side of your duct trunk where it connects to the air handler. This is the largest duct in your system, and the measurement (i.e. 12 inches by 20 inches) will be used to determine its capacity, and when combined with other duct run measurements, to accurately assess existing duct size and what type of modifications are required, if any.

Additionally, you should include a measurement of the trunk length, as well as the length measurement of the duct runouts. For each runout, include the length from the trunk to the register and the width and depth.

Ductwork Design

You can also include a sketch of your duct layout, your HVAC unit location and a general sketch of your home’s floor plan. Your contractor isn’t looking for blueprint quality, of course, but the sketched layout, along with accurate measurements, is enough information to begin calculations.

If this is a renovation project, ask your contractor about insulated flex-ducts. Most ductwork is fabricated from thin sheet metal, which may or may not be insulated. Flex-ducts offer greater efficiency and eliminate popping, rattling and banging noises associated with sheet-metal ducts.

For more tips on how to size ducts for an HVAC system, please contact the experts at Air-Tro Inc. in Los Angeles today.

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