Furnace Repair Pasadena: Did You Know That There Are Furnace Options Available for Your Pasadena Area Home?

Furnace Repair Pasadena: Did You Know That There Are Furnace Options Available for Your Pasadena Area Home?

Furnace Repair PasadenaThe weather will be turning cooler soon, and that means that it’s time once again to give your heating system a thorough inspection. Every homeowner should have a professional look their furnace over before the weather turns cool in order to prevent unwelcome heating emergencies in the dead of winter. Call for furnace repair Pasadena.

If it’s time to replace the furnace in your Pasadena area home, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the variety of choices available. Therefore, we’ve put together an overview of the types of furnace options available to homeowners and given you a little bit of background on each of them.

The Three Furnace Options Available 

There are three basic types of furnace available to the average homeowner. The right system for you will depend quite a bit on what your heating requirements are and the size of your home. You should also take into consideration  your current insulation and ductwork before deciding which is right for you.

  • Single-stage furnace – This is the simplest type, which runs constantly when it’s turned on. A single-stage furnace may not be the best choice for some homeowners, because it’s constantly running at top speed whenever it’s on. This inefficiency can add up to large power bills in colder climates, but may be fine for California’s milder climate.
  • Two-stage furnace – This type of furnace is much more efficient, because it offers two speeds: low and high. Because a two-stage furnace typically only needs high speed about 25 percent of the time, it’s much more affordable to run than a single-stage furnace.
  • Variable-speed furnace – This type relies upon the fan motor moving at different speeds to heat a home. It can also circulate air in the house without releasing heat, providing homeowners with higher air quality. Although variable-speed furnaces cost a bit more upfront than other types, they frequently pay for themselves in energy savings.

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